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Imagine waking up to the sun shining through your bedroom window and gently warming you with its rays. You feel alive, and well rested. You know you day is going to be great! You walk into your pristine kitchen, make your lemon tea and begin planning your family meal for after church. You know that your family will help you cook the meal with love and compassion.

Unbelievable. Less than a year ago, you didn’t believe it was possible to own your own home. After all, your credit score was the pits, you had been living pay cheque to pay cheque, frustrated that you could not provide your family with the life that you knew was possible. And yet here you are, free of debt, realizing that your value is not connected to your past decisions.

You are finally FREE! Empowered to not only never repeating those mistakes, but empowered with an understanding that you can share with your children and family members so they will never suffer the fear, humiliation, frustration and pain that you did.


Financial Empowering is my passion in life.

The goal of AskTani.com is to assist others in improving their credit scores for both personal and business ventures. I am dedicated to helping individuals as well as small organizations achieve their financial goals through understanding how credit affects their bottom-line and learning to effectively manage resources to provide them with a faster path to achieving their goals.

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Different Types of D&B Scores

D&B Delinquency Predictor Score and Classification

This score measures the chance the company will not pay, will be late paying, or will fall into bankruptcy. The raw score is measured on a scale of 101-670 where 670 is the best possible. Companies are put into classes numbered from 1 to 5. A business in class one 1 is predicted to have the least delinquency risk with a raw score of 580 to 670. A class 2, or a raw score of 530-579, is considered to be good. If a company is in class 5, they have over a 53% instance of delinquency with a raw score of 101-452.

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