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Louvre Paris, a Center of Human Creativity

When it is time to sit down and look at the real depth of human creativity, a great place to start is the Louvre Paris. This is a place which showcases thousands of amazing pieces of art created by many different artists with each of the pieces revealing the talents of its creator. The Louvre is a place where a visitor cannot go unsatisfied because you will undoubtedly see what you like.

Many people worldwide have spent the money to get to the Louvre because of its irresistible artwork which allowed the Louvre to easily earn the title of being the most visited museum in the whole word. The artwork inside the museum is not the only thing that attracts its teeming crowd. The beauty and serene environment is another thing to behold. A good example is the Louvre pyramid that stands elegantly outside the museum.

First thing that will amaze a first time visitor is the magnificent size and the beautiful structure of the Louvre. It is a structure that can be said to be beautiful inside and out and the visitors are not disappointed at what they see. It is very possible for a new tourist to get carried away by the Louvre’s enchanting beauty once you are inside. The various artworks are intimidating, especially to an amateur art enthusiast. And any professional would find themselves equally enamoured.

Inside the four corners of the Louvre’s walls we have artwork from various popular and unrivalled artists such as the Mona Lisa and Madonna by Leonardo da Vinci, and Venus de Milo by Alexandros of Antioch. Many beautiful and well published works of art can be found inside the Louvre.

The Louvre is rightly located inside the heart of the city of Paris, France. It is a must see for a first time visitor, especially for those people that are fond of beautiful and exotic artworks. It is ranked the most visited and famous museum in the world and a home to the art and sculptors of the world. Any visitor to Paris that has not entered the Louvre has not seen Paris. It is truly a unique place inside and outside.

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